#123: Sewing When Your Wardrobe is Full

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#123: Sewing When Your Wardrobe is Full

Is your wardrobe stuffed with me-mades? Whatever role garment sewing plays in your life, after a while, the clothes can really start to pile up. So how can we continue to take pleasure in sewing, without adding to your problem of too many clothes?

Image source: Megan Lee via UnSplash

Idea No. 1: Challenging ourselves.

Hear more about hand stitching clothing:

Learn more about improving fit:

Options for online courses to learn and develop new skills:

Idea No. 2: Sewing things that aren’t clothes.

My favourite bag pattern designers:

Start your sew making journey at I Can Make Shoes.

Get inspired to make a quilt more sustainably by listening to the following previous episodes:

Idea No. 3: Sewing clothes for other people

Idea No. 4: Sewing for charity 

Make washable menstrual pads for:

Make reusable tote bags for Boomerang Bags.

Make dress and other children’s garments from pillowcases for Little Dresses for Africa.

Idea No. 5: Mending!

Hear from super creative mending expert, Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald:

Get her book Modern Mending:

Consider the spectrum of mending possibility:

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