#39: Modern Mending with Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#39: Modern Mending with Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

This episode (Ep. #39) is the first of two featuring Australia-based mending expert, Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald. In this one we hear the tale of how a baby journalist with zero formal sewing training grew to become a mending legend. Erin tells us how quitting her former career and the fall-out from her breast cancer diagnosis led her to refocus her energies on repair and reuse. Her experiments taught her that there was a real desire to keep things in use for longer, so she set up a social enterprise, hosted repair workshops (both in person and online) and wrote her book, Modern Mending. Erin is proof that you don’t need a fashion degree or a background in making to have a massive impact by sewing more sustainably. 

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Find Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald via her website HERE, and on Instagram @erinlewisfitzgerald HERE

Her online shop, Modern Mending, is HERE.  

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