#40: Experimend with Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#40: Experimend with Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

This episode is the second featuring my conversation with mending-legend, Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald. Two years ago Erin wrote a book called Modern Mending, which I legitimately feel may be the very best mending book out there. In this episode we hear all about its creation and the concepts behind it, including the concept of ‘experimend’! She shares some important tips for beginner menders, including why we should approach #visiblemending inspo with caution. Erin also hammers home the importance of sharing our mending and alterations endeavours, which leads me to make a pledge of my own…

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Find Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald via her website HERE, and on Instagram @erinlewisfitzgerald HERE

Find out about Erin’s book, Modern Mending HERE. It is available in all good bookshops. 

Erin worked on The Daily Fix project with Jen Gale, the creator of The Sustainable(ish) podcast HERE

Anxious Frog is a character that appears in Modern Mending as the voice of concern. He helps Erin address any worries readers might have when faced with a mending project or new technique. 

Erin sells her book and mending supplies in her online shop, also called Modern Mending, HERE.  

Menders Erin is currently inspired by:

  • @konfekt_kunststopferei_hamburg HERE
  • @schneckstein HERE
  • @theholestorydesign HERE
  • @ekaterinahaak HERE
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2 comments on “#40: Experimend with Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

  1. Nicky Slade says:

    So inspired by this episode! I have far more hacked and mended ready-made charity shop finds in my wardrobe than me-mades from scratch, but I hadn’t previously thought of those as ‘counting’ for Me-Made May! And I am also guilty of posting my mends in stories rather than on the grid – will be putting that right straight away! Thank you so much Erin & Zoe.

    1. zoe says:

      Hi Nicky,

      Thanks heaps for your lovely comment. I thrilled that this episode inspired you! Congrats on all your hacked and mended charity shop items! Include them in your MMM challenge with pride. All the best xx

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