#105: A Habit of Curiosity with Heidi Parkes

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#105: A Habit of Curiosity with Heidi Parkes

Are you, like me, fascinated by people who have been able to express themselves in a variety of disciplines? My guest, Heidi Parkes, is an improvisational quilt artist, mending expert, garment sewist, and so many more things, living in Wisconsin, USA. Heidi explains how developing a habit of curiosity has allowed her to explore her interests whilst moving through different, but connected, creative worlds. This episode contains the first half of our conversation, make sure to listen to the second half next week. 

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Show notes:

Check out my chat with Yvette from Stash Hub app on YouTube.

Photo by by Tiffany Talbott @frontstreetimages

You can explore Heidi Parkes’ work via her website. Heidi also posts on Instagram @heidi.parkes, and has a YouTube channel.  

I thoroughly recommend that you listen to Heidi’s latest appearance on Zak Foster’s podcast Seamside.

Photo by by Tiffany Talbott @frontstreetimages

Check out the wonderful Soft Bulk lecture series of videos on YouTube.

Listen to my conversation with Heidi’s friend and fellow quilter, Eliu Hernandez:

Heidi references Brené Brown’s book ‘Atlas of the Heart’, which explores eighty seven emotions as outlined by Brown. 

Photo by by Tiffany Talbott @frontstreetimages

Heidi is inspired by (among many others, no doubt!):

The small quilts (as well as the large quilts!) are available through the shop on Heidi’s website 

See the Vignettes Quilt no. 2.

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