#106: Reframing A Relationship with Clothing with Heidi Parkes

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#106: Reframing A Relationship with Clothing with Heidi Parkes

The materials of quilt making and garment sewing are the same. But what can quilt artists teach garment sewists about embedding meaning and connection into our creations? And should our sensory experiences of the textiles we wear alter our career paths? Just two of many intriguing threads of conversation that come up in today’s episode, the second of two with quilt artist Heidi Parkes. 

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Photo by Clare Britt @clarebrittcreative

This is the second part of my conversation with Heidi Parkes. Here the first half:

You can explore Heidi Parkes’ work via her website. Heidi also posts on Instagram @heidi.parkes, and has a YouTube channel.  

Heidi’s quilt ‘But, Was That Me?’ featuring the skirt she wore whilst teaching:

Photo by Heidi Parkes

We discuss the sewing for body changes episodes:

Heidi relates to some of the descriptions within The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N Aron

A recent creation made by Heidi from a quilt given to her by a former yoga student:

Photo by Heidi Parkes

Listen to Heidi’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast:

Heidi was inspired by artist Andrea Zittel’s uniform projects

Follow Heidi on Pinterest at HeidiParkesArt.  

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