#95: Refining Fit with Kate Roberts

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#95: Refining Fit with Kate Roberts

How much time do you set aside during your sewing project for fitting and making pattern adjustments? An hour? Half a day? None at all? Pattern cutter and fitting expert Kate Roberts tells us why we can’t expect sewing patterns to fit right out of the pack. Kate also shares her TNT method for assessing the fit of a garment, and gives awesome tips for successful solo fit sessions. 

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I will be teaching how to make Birgitta’s Helmersson’s ZW Cropped Shirt pattern in a class at Fabric Godmother on 16th September. Check out the listing if you’re interested. 

Find Kate’s business, Project Patterns, via her website, on Instagram @projectpatterns and also on YouTube.

Kate offers a range of online pattern drafting and fitting courses, with both live and recorded options available.

Enjoy the ‘Pattern Diaries’ made with Charlotta Ayers from Charlotta’s Patterncutting School.  
Kate uses the spot and cross pattern paper from William Gee (UK based).  

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