#109: More Sustainable Thread Options with Richard from James Tailoring

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#109: More Sustainable Thread Options with Richard from James Tailoring

Do you worry about the hundreds of metres of polyester thread that most makers get through each year? Is the strength of polyester thread worth its lack of biodegradability? What are the viable alternatives available to us, and can we have the best of both worlds? My guest today is Richard from James Tailoring, a haberdashery business with the goal of bringing us better options. We get into how he started his eco-focused business, and making the best choices of thread for your projects.

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Find all the more sustainable haberdashery options Richard sources on the website James Tailoring.

I met Richard in April 2023 at the Sew Sustainable Fair in London. Listen to the episode I made including recordings taken at the event:

Listen to my previous thread-related episode:

Richard’s wife, Sharon, is the owner of and designer for Maven Patterns.

Find the James Tailoring’s selection of more sustainable thread, including the fine, medium and topstitching weights of Tencel thread I mentioned. 

Image source: James Tailoring

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