#87: Sew Sustainable Fair 2023

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#87: Sew Sustainable Fair 2023

Were you unable to attend the Sew Sustainable Fair in London last month? Would you have liked to have been there? Well, through the power of audio, in this episode you can come along with me to the event! Hear some of the awesome conversations I had with the organisers, helpers and businesses in attendance, plus my ramblings as I travel to and from the venue. 

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Find some info about this year’s event, plus keep an eye on the details for next year’s as they are revealed, at the Sew Sustainable Fair website

The event is organised by Sarah Richards, owner of Olive Road London, a source for original vintage fabrics. 

Sarah told me about ‘Secrets of the Singer Girls’ and ‘Secrets of the Sewing Bee’, both books written by her friend Kate Thompson.

The Sew Sustainable Fair took place at the wonderful Craft Central building. 

Other sellers at the event included:

Find Rebecca Evans-Merritt on IG @revansmerritt

Listen to my previous conversations with her:

Episode 24: Conscious Making in Real Life with Rebecca Evans-Merritt and

Episode 37: Pledge and Participants #1 with Rebecca and Meg

When I met Rebecca in real life, she was wearing her Birgitta Helmersson ZW Gather Dress in Merchant and Mills Lunar Jacquard

We also discussed her railroad stripe two-piece and her Refashioners project lounge wear set

Find the Stash Hub app on their website, on IG @stash_hub, or in your smart phone’s app store. 

You can contact Yvette’s friend Mel who works with the charity Guildford Refugee Aid via their Facebook page

Find Louise’s business, Ethel & Joan, on her website, Etsy shop and IG @ethelandjoan

Louise used to make videos for the Youtube channel, Pattern Pals.

We talked about her popular flower buckles

My favourites are the turquoise Deco buttons.

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