#20: What thread should I buy?

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#20: What thread should I buy?

Welcome to Ep. 20. In this solo episode, we literally check our thread! Of course, what fabrics we sew with is a big factor in the impact our garment sewing will have. And, increasingly, there are more and more options available to us to express our values and preferences in our thread choices as well. I break down the thread options for making our own clothes, then  offer up some criteria on which to judge each option to help you make your mind up about what to pick. I mention a lot of specific brands and product ranges as examples you may choose to buy in this episode. See below for details of the products discussed.

The criteria I came up with for deciding which threads to use:

  • Is it made from a virgin resource or recycled one? 
  • What environmental impact did the processing and dyeing have? 
  • What social impact did the production have? 
  • Will it biodegrade?
  • How much does it cost to buy? 
  • How many colours is it available in?
  • What is the reel made of?
  • How strong is it?
  • How thick is it?
  • How shiny is it? 

More on Oeko-tex certification HERE.  

More on GOTS certification HERE. 


Standard polyester thread:

The most well known brands are Gutermann (more info HERE), Mettler (more info HERE), Coats Moon and Drima.

Recycled rPET polyester thread:

Gutermann 100% recycled rPET thread (more info HERE, available in packs from Craft & Thrift HERE and singly from James Tailoring HERE) and Mettler offer 100% recycled rPET thread options. 

Mettler produce a range called Seracycle (more info HERE)

The Amann group who make one called Serafil (more info HERE)

Portuguese brand Crafil make one called Denimfil Eco (more info HERE, available HERE).

Regular cotton thread:

Cotton thread by Coats (available from C&H HERE)

Tre Cerchi range by Coats (available from Sewing Gem HERE and William Gee HERE)

Italian brand Aurifil (more info on medium weight HERE and lighter weight HERE

Gutermann cotton thread (more info HERE)

Organic cotton thread:

Organic cotton threads by Dutch company Scanfil (more info HERE, available singly HERE and on cones HERE)

Tencel thread:

Tencel thread range called Celofil by Crafil (more info HERE, medium weight available HERE, lighter weight available HERE)

Polyester covered cotton thread:

Rasant made by the Amann Group (more info HERE).   

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