#120: How to care for your sewing machine with Bizz McKilligan

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#120: How to care for your sewing machine with Bizz McKilligan

Do you know what your sewing machine needs to stay in good working order? What equipment is required for that? What issues can be tackled at home, and when should we call in the professionals? And what’s the best way to become the professional, if that’s of interest to us? These are just some of the questions my guest, sewing machine technician, Bizz McKilligan, answers in today’s episode. Bizz is also the owner of a shop called The Green Thimble, that recirculates secondhand sewing equipment and fabric. She shares the long and interesting journey she went on to arrive in that situation. 

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Bizz is the owner of The Green Thimble, an online and bricks and mortar sewing shop in Victoria, Canada, that helps to recirculate existing sewing resources.  

Follow them on Instagram @thegreenthimble.ca.

If you haven’t already, listen to:

Find out about the many ways in which The Green Thimble endeavours to be a more-sustainable business

Bizz recommends the Bernina 830 Record if you are looking to purchase a robust and easy to fix machine. I now desperately want one!

The Green Thimble has a wonderful, supportive relationship with The Makehouse Co-op, also in Victoria, Canada.  

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