#104: How to Successfully Shop for Second-Hand Sewing Machines

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#104: How to Successfully Shop for Second-Hand Sewing Machines

Have you ever bought a second-hand sewing machine and it turned out to be a dud? It didn’t work properly or perhaps it didn’t do the things you needed it to. If so, it may have discouraged you from getting a second hand machine again. And if you haven’t bought a second hand machine before, maybe you have some fears that’s put you off? In this solo episode, I’m going to share some key tips that will help you find a second-hand sewing machine that you’ll love. I’ll also share some tips for getting a machine for free! 

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My scrap-busting undies! Tencel/elastane jersey for the backs, pieced together cotton/elastane jerseys for the front. The pattern used is my FREE SoZo Undies pattern:

Image credit: Alicia Cristin Gerald via Unsplash

The London-based Library of Things has lots location across London, and has now spread to Brighton & Hove. You can borrow a sewing machine for £5 per day or £20 per week. 

If you are in the UK, you can probably find your local sewing machine servicing and repairs person via the Yellow Pages

Closet Core Patterns have a great free pattern and tutorial to make a sewing machine or overlocker/serger cover. 

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