#93: Sewing for Social Empowerment with Poornima at Kundakala

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#93: Sewing for Social Empowerment with Poornima at Kundakala

Most of us who listen to (and make!) this podcast are used to thinking about sewing as a pastime and option for clothing ourselves. A hobby with many wonderful benefits. But for others, sewing skills are a powerful tool that can change lives: preventing isolation, providing connection, offering employment opportunities and raising self-esteem. Poornima Kirloskar-Saini started a social enterprise called Kundakala, in memory of her extraordinary mother, which is achieving all these things. In this episode, Poornima tells me all about this incredible and inspiring organisation, and the women whose lives it is changing.

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Discover more about the Kundakala social enterprise via their website. Follow them on Instagram @kundakala_org and via Twitter: @KundakalaOrg. 

Read about Kunda, Poornima’s extraordinary mother, the inspiration behind the whole endeavour. 

The scarves featuring Kunda’s paintings, stitched by the women taking the Make and Mend workshops, are available to purchase with all proceeds going to support more workshops. 

Poornima’s day job is for the Cook for Good enterprise. 

Once attendees have graduated from the Make and Mend programme, they can go on to participate in the Saree Upcycle Project

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