#88: Natural Dyeing Q&A with Amy Taylor

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#88: Natural Dyeing Q&A with Amy Taylor

Do you have questions about natural dyeing? Like, what is the most accessible way to have a go? Return-guest and natural dye expert, Amy Taylor, breaks it all down and answers all the questions submitted by CYT listeners. 

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Find Ms Amy Taylor at her website and on Instagram @msamytaylor

Listen to Amy’s first appearance on Check Your Thread:

Episode #13: Natural Dyeing with Amy Taylor

The naturally dye skeins I found at Seedy Sunday in Brighton in February 2023:

Listen to Episode #52: Grow, Cook, Dye, Wear with Bella Gonshorovitz.

Amy is a big fan of Bella’s book, Bella’s book, ‘Grow, Cook, Dye, Wear – From seed to style the sustainable way’.

Read the article Amy wrote with her dad, ‘Art at the edge of chaos: Shibori and Indigo’

Amy has taken a class with dye stuff growing expert Kristin Field @fieldandgardner on Instagram. 

Amy and I both LOVE following Alexis Nikole AKA @blackforager on Instagram. 

Recommended reading: ‘Braiding Sweetgrass’ by Robin Wall Kimmerer:

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