#85: Everyday Activism with Rachel AKA the Crap Activist

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#85: Everyday Activism with Rachel AKA the Crap Activist

Do you consider yourself a climate activist? If many of your everyday life decisions are made with the planet in mind, then you definitely should. Rachel, AKA The Crap Activist, chose to fast track her activism by making one positive change every single day for an entire year. She shares her surprising wins and fails, and gives tips on successfully bringing your family along for the ride…

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Listen to Rachel speak to Jen Gale on Jen’s Sustainable(ish) podcast:

Episode 87: The Crap Activist – A Year of Imperfect Action.

Rachel received The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide by Jen Gale

The seed for The Crap Activist challenge was sown by listening to the Christmas Adam & Joe episode of the Adam Buxton podcast:

Episode 115: Adam & Joe.

This post by The Crap Activist includes the following mind boggling facts from the Chatham House Report:

  • By 2050, the world will need 50% more food to survive because of our growing population 
  • But global agricultural yield is projected to decrease by 30% by 2050, as a direct consequence of climate change… Weather extremes, temperature extremes, extreme climate events like fires & flooding, etc

Find out about the interesting and important work going on through the London Freedom Seed Bank.

Consider growing something from the dirty dozen foods list:

(Image source: Nature’s Corner Natural Market)

Favourites of Rachel’s daughters are clothing brands Glass Onion and We Are Cow.

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1 comment on “#85: Everyday Activism with Rachel AKA the Crap Activist

  1. Annette says:

    Another fabulous and thought-provoking episode. Thanks Zoe and Rachel.

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