#83: The Role of Refashioning with Portia Lawrie

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#83: The Role of Refashioning with Portia Lawrie

What are the benefits of refashioning for those of us who like to sew our own clothes? For years, Portia Lawrie has focused her creativity on refashioning, and has just written an excellent book, ‘The Re:fashion Wardrobe’, which contains all her hard-won knowledge, approaches and tips. In this episode, Portia makes the case for why more of YOUR projects should start with existing textiles…

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Find your MP and insist they take the IPCC report to heart and act to speed the transition to renewable energy.

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Her new book, ‘The Re:fashion Wardrobe’, is published by Search Press. 

Portia has been making refashioning and no-pattern projects for Simply Sewing magazine since its launch. 

Wendy Ward made an incredible men’s jacket-to-coat refashion for the ‘Suits You’ round of The Rashioners in 2017.

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