#78: Slow Sewing and Seamwork with Sarai Mitnick

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#78: Slow Sewing and Seamwork with Sarai Mitnick

This is the first of two episodes with Sarai Mitnick, a major influence in the sewing scene for over 15 years. Sarai chats with me about the birth and evolution of the online sewing community, and the role that her businesses, Colette Patterns and Seamwork, have played. Plus Sarai talks about how her own podcast, Seamwork Radio, has changed, from being a storytelling platform to a medium to spread a slow-sewing philosophy.  

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Come along to the Sew Sustainable Fair in London on 22/4/23

Threads article about creating an elastic insert at the side seams of tailored trousers. 

Sarai is the founder and owner of the Seamwork community and pattern company

The Colette Patterns Beignet skirt pattern is now available via Seamwork. 

I made my own version in red twill back in 2009! 

Sarai was inspired by Knitty Magazine

Seamwork Radio is a podcast hosted by Sarai and Hayley. 

Episode 1: A Radical Change in Confidence with Jenny Rushmore from Cashmerette is one of Sarai’s very favourites that they’ve made.

Sustainability-related episodes of Seamwork Radio include:

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