#76: Sewing for Body Changes, Part 2

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#76: Sewing for Body Changes, Part 2

The Sewing for Body Changes episode (#72) received more comments and feedback than almost any other episode to date. Lots of listeners generously shared their own tactics for making clothes for their fluctuating bodies. It was clear that there’s more to be said on this underserved topic, so I felt an update episode was in order… 

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Patterns and companies mentioned in this episode:

Lander Pants & Shorts by True Bias (up to hip 46.5”)

Listener Sarennya shared this image of a garment with a wide seam allowance and multiple rows of stitching:

Image source: Sarennya Pathmanandavel 

Folkwear Patterns have an amazing range of traditional and historical styles. 

My favourite is the Old Mexico Dress pattern (up to 54” bust)

Learn more about Japanese patterns and pattern books at Japanese Sewing Patterns by Sew in Love

Tea House Dress & Top pattern by Sew House Seven (up to 47” bust)

Fringe Dress & Blouse by Chalk & Notch Patterns (up to 58” bust)

Laura Skirt by Seamwork (up to 57” hip)

Image source: Seamwork

Wrap Skirt by In The Folds via Peppermint Magazine (up to 56.5” hip)

Meriam Trousers by Cashmerette (up to 62” hip)

Image source: Cashmerette

Burnside Bibs by Sew House Seven (up to 50”)

Burnside Bibs Curvy Fit by Sew House Seven (up to 65” hip)

Otis Overalls by Sew Liberated (up to 61” hip)

Penny Pinafore by Sew Liberated (up to 61” hip)

Image source: Sew Liberated

Wide-Leg Jumpsuit by The Assembly Line (up to 54” bust / 55” hip)

Intrepid Boiler Suit by Alice & Co. (up to 49” bust / 53” hip)

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