#70: The Fold Line with Kate Underdown

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#70: The Fold Line with Kate Underdown

If there is anyone related to the sewing community who has a strong handle on sewing trends, in all senses, it’s Kate Underdown. As co-founder of The Fold Line, Kate created a business that has pivoted a number of times, but has always been a hub for learning about new pattern releases and a digest for the best and most exciting sewing-related content. In this conversation we hear about the journey The Fold Line has been on, the organisation that goes into their annual Sewing Weekender event, and how much sewing Kate is actually doing these days! Plus, Kate offers her insight on the changing role that sustainability is playing within our community. 

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Kate founded The Fold Line with her business partner Rachel in 2015. 

Kate creates heaps of wonderful videos for The Fold Line Youtube channel, including the ‘Sew The Trends’ series. 

Learn more about The Sewing Weekender , an annual event that The Fold Line organises with Charlotte from Charlotte Emma Patterns

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