#64: Sewing Trends More Sustainably

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#64: Sewing Trends More Sustainably

Clothing trends are collective reactions to, or interpretations of, what’s going on in the world. But are they the antithesis of dressing and sewing more sustainably? In this solo episode, I discuss how, even if you don’t read Vogue or keep up with popular culture, trends can manifest in our sewing projects and wardrobes, and how they play an important part in social discourse. I then set out some guidelines for engaging with trends more sustainably to help you decide which trends are worth exploring. I also offer ideas on how you can sew the trends whilst still creating successful, meaningful garments with longevity. 

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Naomi Bancroft is @whatnaomimade on Instagram made a gorgeous blouse using the Anthea Blouse pattern by Anna Allen, and has worn it tons:

image source: Naomi Bancroft

Many thanks to Hannah @claytheredelilah for the original questions and continued conversations on this topic that inspired this episode. 

Listen to our original discussion on trends in Episode #53: 1st Birthday / Ask Me Anything with Zoe, Julia and Naomi. 

A guide to engaging with trends more sustainably:

  • Do a gut-check, how do you feel straight away?
  • Would you have been into it three years ago?
  • Wait for a while so you get to see more versions and interpretations of it pop up, but be aware of the effects of increased exposure. 
  • Ask yourself if it would work for the climate you live in. Would it work for your lifestyle, if it’s suitable for neither your occupation nor how you tend to spend your leisure time, then it doesn’t make any sense. 
  • Try on some examples in a shop to get an instant idea if it’ll work for you. 
  • Think about how you can blend the new element with others that feel comfortably within your existing style wheelhouse. 
  • And remember, if you go for it but it doesn’t work out for you in the short term or over time, there’s most likely something you can do to rework it and make it exciting again. 
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