#62: Made My Wardrobe with Lydia Higginson

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#62: Made My Wardrobe with Lydia Higginson

Episode #62 features a conversation that I had with Lydia Higginson, owner of Made My Wardrobe, when I visited her studio in Bristol. MMW started as a personal, year-long  challenge to replace her entire wardrobe with self-made items that have meaning stitched into every piece. This led Lydia to discover a passion for teaching people to sew, which in turn led to the development of her pattern range, and so much more. Always creative, expansive, fluid, inclusive, experimental and sustainability-minded, Made My Wardrobe has become one of the most exciting sewing businesses operating today. We talk in depth about all the aspects MMW encompases, plus the multiple challenges and pivots Lydia has had to navigate over the last few years. 

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I’d recommend downloading the Free cloth menstrual pads patterns by Luna Wolf to try making reusable period wear.

On the Made My Wardrobe website you can find full details about everything we mention, including their in-person classes, sewing patterns, fabrics, kits, core values, online workshops/tutorials, scholarships and artist residencies. 

The beautiful Made My Wardrobe studio:

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Hilda Bag pattern by Made My Wardrobe. 

Hear about the Future Fabrics Expo that Lydia and I both attended in Episode #50: The Future of Fabrics

Lydia draws inspiration from many sources, including the following makers:

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