#56: Sustainable(ish) with Jen Gale

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#56: Sustainable(ish) with Jen Gale

Writer, podcaster and speaker Jen Gale is one of my biggest inspirations. She is a busy mum of two living a ‘normal’ life, whilst continually seeking out ways to limit her family’s environmental impact. She shares her discoveries across different media, including via her books and her podcast, Sustainable(ish), which is an amazing resource for fascinating, inspiring conversations. In this episode (#56) we talk about how Jen finds the courage to face the realities of the climate crisis head on, the underlying concept of sustainable(ish), and her ‘year of buying nothing new’ challenge, a decade after she first attempted it. Jen also offers her perspective on the role that sewing, and sewers/ists, could play in reducing the impact of the climate crisis. 

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Julia Hincks can be found at House of Miss Sew.

She wrote the excellent The Coverstitch Technique Manual, and you can book for her in-person class via this page on her site

Jen Gale is the maker of the amazing podcast Sustainable(ish).

Jen also runs the Knackered Mums Eco Club and hosts Carbon Literacy talks

Vinted is the app that is making Jen’s current Year of Buying Nothing New much easier! 

Jen produced a series of podcast episodes in conjunction with Organic UK, they are episodes:

  • 72 (all about bees, one of my favourites!), 
  • 73 (which includes Guy Singh-Watson, the founder of Riverford), 
  • 74 (about food)
  • 75 (about how organic systems can help fight the climate crisis). 

Melissa Hemsley is a cookbook author and sustainability champion.

Katharine Hayhoe is a climate scientist.

Episode 82 with some members of the Knackered Mums Eco Club is one of Jen’s favourite episodes. 

And we both LOVED Episode 87 with the Crap Activist, who you can find on Instagram @thecrapactivist

Episode 122 features the incredible climate/Cop26 explainer Laura Young, @lesswastelaura on Instagram.

Jen has written two books:

Becky Barnes is the ‘sustainable stylist’ that Jen employed to help her get more from her wardrobe. Also on Instagram @beckybarnesstyle

I cannot recommend Episode 138: How Much Impact can Individuals Actually Make with Tom from The Jump enough! 

image source: The Jump

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