#51: Creating Connection with Barley Massey 

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#51: Creating Connection with Barley Massey 

Barley Massey is the owner of Fabrications, a wonderful shop, studio and maker’s space on Broadway Market in East London. Barley is an artist, maker, teacher and activist who uses her space to explore and to teach resourcefulness through creativity. A fundamental aspect of Barley’s work is the fostering of real-life community, providing support, connection and inspiration in an area with increasingly disparate inhabitants. I got to meet Barley in her maker’s space and have this conversation with her face-to-face. It was a real privilege to hear her thoughts and perspectives, including the amazing work she does through her ‘Remember Me’ service

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Image source: Fabrications 

Find out about all aspects of Barley’s business, Fabrications, HERE

It can also be found on Instagram @fabricationshackney.

The full schedule of events taking place at Fabrications, including the fortnightly craft club, can be viewed HERE.

Find the various London locations of the Library of Things HERE

Image source: Fabrications 

Discover Barley’s incredible upcycled bags and accessories HERE. See one of her cross-body bags made from a men’s suit jacket below:

Image source: Fabrications 

Listen to Riccardo’s podcast episode, #7: Experimental Sewing with Riccardo Guido HERE in which he talks about his work with Barley making sweatshirts from scraps (inspired by the work of Zero Waste Daniel HERE). 

Riccardo and Barley are both big fans of Wendy Ward’s work. Listen to Wendy’s podcast episode, #2: How To Sew Sustainably with Wendy Ward HERE.

Find Wendy Ward’s books that include a number of patterns Barley uses in her classes HERE.  

Learn more about Barley’s incredible Remember Me service HERE.

See the fantastic curtain made from ties in the makers’ space below:

Find out about the incredible quilting tradition of Gees Bend, Alabama HERE

Barley is inspired by artist Lucy Orta (HERE) who has worked with clothing and homelessness HERE and HERE and with food waste HERE.  

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