#47: Introduction to Patching

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#47: Introduction to Patching

This episode is something of a love letter to my favourite mending technique: patching! Mending with patches is a beginner friendly option for giving most types of clothing and fabrics a longer life. Depending on your choice of patching fabric, it can be a bold statement, or a subtle repair. It offers plenty of opportunities for creativity, it can be achieved without a sewing machine AND can be deployed when other mending options fail you. Expanding on the patching sections from my book, ‘Mend it, Wear it, Love it!’, in this solo episode I offer up ideas for creative patching and share practical advice on achieving a successful repair. Plus I talk through the steps for two different approaches to patching for those who are new to garment mending. 

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The step by step techniques outlined in this episode are adapted from my book ‘Mend it, Wear it, Love it!’ which you can find HERE

List of materials and equipment you’ll need for basic patching:

Fabric to make patch 

Fabric scissors


Tape measure

Fabric marking tool

Hand sewing needle

Thread (colour to match or contrast with your patch)

Safety pins (use regular pins if your fabric is likely to be damaged by safety pins)

Thread snips or small scissors

A basic running stitch technique is shown in THIS VIDEO

A basic whip stitch technique is shown in THIS VIDEO

Examples of Sashiko-style stitching that I have previously attempted:

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