#46: DIY Drafting and Inclusive Sewing with Daisy Braid 

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#46: DIY Drafting and Inclusive Sewing with Daisy Braid 

Daisy Braid, AKA DIY Daisy, produces fantastic garment-making tutorials. Available via her website, and in a newly released book called ‘Sew It Yourself’, Daisy has made drafting and sewing simple, stylish garments incredibly accessible. By removing the need for prior experience of drafting or even using sewing patterns, Daisy’s designs can be created for bodies of any size with just some basic sewing skills. In this conversation, she tells me about her journey from being an op-shop obsessed teenager to a published sewing author, why her designs err towards minimal waste and the motivation behind her #nomakemarch challenge. 

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Find out more about Daisy via her website HERE and on IG @_diydaisy

Details about her book ‘Sew It Yourself’ are HERE

Daisy’s former works place in NZ is The Fabric Store HERE

The Stephanie Top project in her book is based on the Rectangle Top tutorial on her website HERE

Daisy’s Stephanie top variation worn as a jacket:

An example of Daisy’s patchwork:

People who inspire Daisy include:

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