#35: Mask Making with Sophie Passmore

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#35: Mask Making with Sophie Passmore

Shortly after the COVID pandemic reached the UK in early 2020, artist and maker Sophie Passmore responded to the craziness and confusion by founding the Mask Makers UK community. This Facebook group became an important hub providing information, assistance and support to thousands of voluntary mask makers. More than two years later, Sophie is still keeping abreast with developments in mask-related science, advice and design progression and sharing it all for those who want and need it. Mask masking and the community Sophie brought together have evolved tremendously over that time. In this episode (Ep. #35) she tells me all about it: the highs, the lows, her motivations and the time she appeared live on Breakfast TV showing the nation how to make a mask from a T-shirt!

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The Facebook group and community Sophie founded is Mask Makers UK HERE.

The first Co-administrator of the group is sewing blogger/writer/teacher Portia Lawrie. She can be found on Instagram @portialawrie HERE

Designer Jacqueline Pang’s website Sewing Seeds of Love website is HERE. Her Smile Mask pattern (free) with a clear window can be found HERE.  

Scrub making community groups set up in response to the lack of PPE earlier on during the pandemic, For the Love of Scrubs HERE and Facebook group Scrubs Glorious Scrubs HERE

The Noah Rainbow fabric designed by Tessa Semple for use by the NHS below:

Sophie’s mask making videos can be found on her Youtube channel HERE

The video that went viral (that Sophie accidentally deleted!) is the Reverse Nose Fold Mask video HERE.

Dr. Jocelyn Songer’s Maker Mask website containing science-based information for mask makers is HERE

Find the pattern and instructions for Joan Fearnley Singer’s Mask for performers HERE.

Sophie’s appearance on BBC Breakfast on the TV can be viewed HERE.

Iris Luckhaus is a German designer and illustrator who developed a similar mask design HERE

Sophie demonstrates how to make a mask brace HERE

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2 comments on “#35: Mask Making with Sophie Passmore

  1. Juliette says:

    What a joy to listen to! I joined Sophie’s group very early on and have made around 2000 masks altogether. Sophie is exactly right- a good mask is the one that fits you the best. There’s something for everyone. The joy of being able to work as a bigger group has been brilliant 😊

    1. zoe says:

      Hi Juliette,

      Thanks so much for your comment, that’s great to hear that you enjoyed listening to this episode about your group! It must have been so good to be part of a collective such as MMUK during the pandemic when we were all isolating. Congratulations on such an impressive tally of masks!

      All the best

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