#3: African Textiles Today with Jacqueline Shaw

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#3: African Textiles Today with Jacqueline Shaw

In the third episode of Check Your Thread I’m talking with Jacqueline Shaw, founder of Wax and Wraps which offers African textiles sewing subscription boxes. Jacqueline is an expert on the African fashion and textiles industries and has an MA in Ethical Fashion and Sustainability under her belt as well. In this conversation she shares her excitement about what’s going on right now in African fabric production. She educates me on lots of topics related to her experiences and passions, including her perspective on cultural appropriation and dressmaking with African textiles.

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Wax and Wraps can be found HERE

Jacqueline’s sourcing agency, African Fashion Guide, is HERE

The blue and white striped cotton fabric handwoven in Uganda is pictured below plus can be viewed on Wax and Wraps Instagram HERE, swipe to see the weaving process. 

Jacqueline’s YouTube Channel can be found HERE.

The stretch Ankara fabric that blew my mind is HERE.  

Fashion Africa, Jacqueline’s book, can be bought from Waterstones HERE or Amazon HERE.  

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