#29: Lessons From the 1940s

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#29: Lessons From the 1940s

This is the second instalment of my mini series about the Make Do and Mend campaign. As I was reading and writing about that era, I couldn’t help but think about the situation we find ourselves in today with the climate crisis. There was so much relating to the use and reuse of materials that felt so familiar to what a lot of us have been thinking and talking about more recently. Many of us are trying to work out how to consume less and be more resourceful whilst continuing to make stuff and be creative. In this episode, I share my thoughts on why there’s currently insufficient action happening to address the climate crisis. I then explore the idea that there are lessons we can learn from the experiences of the second world war that might be applicable today. Things that can help us live and create in a way that limits our impact on climate change. 

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Image source: English Heritage

The themes discussed in the episode are:


Find out more about ‘Stitch it Don’t ditch it’ street mending sessions that take place around the world HERE


The facts borrowed from Jen Gale @sustainableish can be found HERE.  

Pass on unwanted fabric and sewing supplies and raise money for an important cause via @destash_for_kids_with_cancer Instagram account HERE

Fabric-a-brac in New Zealand HERE

Alternative sources of fabric

Listen to Episode 26 with Eliu Hernandez HERE about reclaiming and reusing materials from unwanted jeans.

Wyatt and Jack make accessories from broken beach inflatables, bouncy castles and vintage deckchair canvas. Find their range HERE

Freitag make backs from recycled truck tarpaulins HERE

Image source: Freitag

Riccardo’s jackets made from the covering from a discarded leather sofa HERE and HERE.

Hear my conversation with Riccardo for Episode 7 HERE

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