#16: Patternmaking in Public Places with Louisa Owen Sonstroem

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#16: Patternmaking in Public Places with Louisa Owen Sonstroem

It’s Episode 16 of CYT, and the second that features my conversation with Louisa Owen Sonstroem. Last week we heard about how Louisa embraced and became an expert in hand sewing clothing. This week we talk about a different, but equally fascinating topic: a project Louisa started in 2019 called Patternmaking in Public Places. PIPP aims to democratise access to patternmaking, by bringing it out from behind closed doors and sharing it with the public. Louisa tells us about the two very different incarnations this project has had so far. Want to know what happened when she undertook live demonstrations in front of unsuspecting members of the public in the parks of NY? Plus, we learn how she ingeniously pivoted, as well as expanded, the project in the wake of Covid. Much of Louisa’s PIPP project can be enjoyed by all for free via Youtube, and this conversation provides some enthralling background.

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Find out all about Patternmaking in Public Places HERE.

View all of the recorded demos with different patternmakers on YouTube HERE

Louisa made a zine to commemorate and celebrate the project. You can buy a copy HERE

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