#140: Sew Organised Style Podcast – The Nest Community

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#140: Sew Organised Style Podcast - The Nest Community

This week you will hear an episode of the Sew Organised Style podcast about a social enterprise based in Australia called The Nest Community. The Nest is an incredible charity that empowers women by fostering healing and connection. And they do this important work by keeping existing crafting materials in use and by sharing craft skills and knowledge.

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I made my pallet bench at a workshop run by The Salvage Sister:

In this episode you will hear founder and CEO of The Nest Community, Roz Holt:

This episode was made by Sew Organised Style podcast and first aired 4/3/24. The second episode, focusing on the volunteers at The Nest Community, aired 1/4/24 and can be heard on the Sew Organised Style website:

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