#13: Natural Dyeing with Amy Taylor

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#13: Natural Dyeing with Amy Taylor

I’ve been promising to cover natural dyeing techniques for a while now, and I’ve made good on that promise with this episode! I got to speak to a talented and experienced natural dye expert, Amy Taylor. A practitioner and teacher based in Chicago, Amy shares so much information in this extended episode of CYT. We go into the history and techniques, plus she busts some myths and tells us some fun stories of her experiences dyeing fabric with natural substances. If you ever had any questions about this topic, this episode is for you!

Ms Amy Taylor website HERE and Instagram @msamytaylor

Amy’s first natural dye teacher was Akemi Cohn who can be found HERE

The teacher Amy had in Oaxaca, Mexico is Elsa Sanchez Diaz. I couldn’t find a direct contact for her, but you can find some wonderful pictures of her and her dye workshops on THIS BLOG

One is Amy’s favourite natural dye substances is cochineal which makes an incredible, rich fuchsia colour (pictured below).

Amy’s most popular products are the tie dyed briefs undies (pictured below), found HERE.

A collaboration with designer Goli June Bridal resulted in stunning silk robes using the bundle dyeing technique using onion skins (pictured below), found HERE

Gasali Adeyemo, Indigo dye expert HERE.

Michel Garcia, sustainable dye practice HERE.

Maiwa, natural dye supply store HERE.

Botanical Colors, suppliers and educators with Feedback Friday HERE.

Amy is also inspired by the following dyers, makers and organisations:










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