#127: Scrap Strategies, Part 1

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#127: Scrap Strategies, Part 1

If you’re a garment sewer, I’m sure you’re more than aware of how quickly fabric scraps and leftovers can start to pile up. Your fabric scraps contain so much creative potential, but you need some strategies in place so they don’t overwhelm you. In this episode, we hear from CYT listeners who share what scraps they keep, how they store them, and what they use them for. Use these responses to form your own scrap strategies and solutions!

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Image source: Fiona Murray via Unsplash

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1 comment on “#127: Scrap Strategies, Part 1

  1. Sharon says:

    This was a great episode and I’m looking forward to the rest of the mini class. So many fabulous ideas…who knew scraps could foster so much conversation! Thank you Zoe and all the sewists who generously shared their ideas.

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