#125: Vintage Sewing Not Vintage Values with Stephanie Canada

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#125: Vintage Sewing Not Vintage Values with Stephanie Canada

Do vintage sewing patterns make you swoon but you’re scared to try actually sewing with them? Vintage pattern obsessive and Youtube queen, Stephanie Canada, unpacks the perceived obstacles that may be holding you back. We also discuss the enjoyment of vintage style without the perpetuation of vintage values, and how using vintage resources might help us sew more sustainably. 

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Find Stephanie’s shop at her website ‘Backroom Finds’. 

You can also find her on Instagram @backroomfinds and on Youtube @StephanieCanada.

Stephanie recommends these reproduction pattern companies:

The podcast episode I mentioned that featured Gretchen Hirsch (Gertie´s blog for better sewing and Charm Patterns) was The Craft Industry Alliance:

Laci Fay can be found on Youtube @LaciFayTheVintageGirlNextDoor

Stephanie made a video addressing the question: Why are Vintage Patterns So Small?

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