#121: Creative and Resourceful Sewing with Judy Williment-Ross

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#121: Creative and Resourceful Sewing with Judy Williment-Ross

Do you enjoy hearing the whys and the hows behind other people’s sewing projects? Previous-guest, Judy Williment-Ross, is one of the most prolific, resourceful and creative makers I know. In this episode, Judy talks us through the ideas and development behind some of her more recent projects. She also shares her secrets to creating professional looking garments out of op-shop finds and fabric scraps. 

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Judy´s previous appearance on  CYT:

  • Ep. 69: Making Mindfully with Judy Williment-Ross

Check out The Epic Dress.

Judy has shared about the process (and again) as well as the finished version of her Scrappy Jacket

Her Scrappy Pouch was proof of concept. 

The logical step, after working with suit trousers and button up shirts was, of course, ties! The result being the All Tied Up Dress:

Next up was a plethora of Blanket Coats! Including her pal Rhonda’s

Judy started adding ‘My Mum Made It’ labels to her daughter’s garments:

Judy’s Waste Coat is made using the scraps leftover from the All Tied Up dress:

Judy’s previous waistcoat project used a pattern from 1895. 

Does this look like a bog blouse?! 

Holly McQuillan’s spiral trousers concept has also been made by previous-guest Liz Haywood

Georgia´s professional upcycled and handmade wardrobe:

We chatted about my patchwork denim quilted jacket.

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