#108: A More Sustainable Halloween

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Check Your Thread
#108: A More Sustainable Halloween

Does Halloween leave you feeling conflicted? You or your kids want to enjoy it, but the waste it generates leaves you feeling queasy? Today I break down how we can engage in Halloween costumes and decor more sustainably, using the ‘5Rs’ framework for guidance.  

Scary Halloween stats from Hubbub and Waste Managed:

  • 33 million people dress up for the Halloween each year in the UK
  • 79% of households with children dress up
  • And out of those families planning to dress up, 94% of the families plan on buying new costumes for Halloween in 2023
  • However, we know that 83% of Halloween costumes use non-recyclable plastic
  • And then 7 million of those costumes are binned each year
  • 4 out of 10 costumes having only been worn once

Learn more about the 5 Rs, which are:

  • “Refuse what you do not need.”
  • “Reduce what you do need.”
  • “Reuse by using reusables.”
  • “Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse.”
  • “Rot (compost) the rest.”

Read this eye-opening article about why composting is better than sending things to landfill. 

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1 comment on “#108: A More Sustainable Halloween

  1. Kim says:

    I loved this episode! Great stats, ideas, and especially the 5Rs which can be applied to just about anything, really.

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