#107: Sewing is Political

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#107: Sewing is Political

Today’s episode explores the idea that sewing, and the actions we take and choices we make whilst engaging in sewing, is full of social and political context. And why that’s a GOOD THING. 

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(image by Mika Baumeister via Unsplash)

Read the full explanation of the source of ‘the personal is political’ on Britannica. 

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4 comments on “#107: Sewing is Political

  1. Sharon says:

    Great episode Zoe. So much to think about. Tonight one of my grands asked for help with their latest cosplay project. They brought me a sketch and suggested that we use some old sheets for the basics. In addition they asked if I could help draft a pattern so their body (atypical for their age and perceived gender) would feel good. I think the sewing community is making a bigger contribution to society than we sometimes think. Thank you for all you contribute.😊

    1. Zoe says:

      Thanks so much Sharon for leaving this wonderful comment. I totally agree. How awesome is it that your grandchild has you to turn to to help make their cosplay vision a reality?! Wishing you all the best x

  2. Lois Klassen says:

    Brava! Thank you for taking up the ethics of sewing in such an intentional way through this podcast, and through your daily decisions. Thank you for taking the time in this podcast to research and share sound theoretical, practical, and political background. Your ideas are time tested and completely defensible. I agree that we have a joyful, albeit nearly impossible, challenge that faces each of us in not just sewing practices, but everyday actions. I am so encouraged by your weekly chatter about the ways you and your guests are working daily to avoid perpetuating destruction of our culture, our species, and the ecosystems we love and now need to steward. In Canada, we often hear a similar ethic that comes from Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) teachings: “seven generations”. Likely you’ve heard of it. I think of it as an extreme form of mothering (parenting or family) ethics: we must consider seven generations ahead of us, in every decision we make.

    1. Zoe says:

      Hi Lois, I’m so incredibly grateful to you for taking the time to leave this amazing, thoughtful and supportive comment. It made me feel super emotional. I haven’t heard of the ‘seven generations’ principle (not sure principle is the right word but I’m struggling today), I’m going to look into it. Thanks for sharing that x

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