Introduction to Garment Fabrics


Do you find fabric shopping overwhelming and confusing, whether that’s online or in-store?

This downloadable resource will fast track your fabric knowledge. Read this resource and save yourself hours of research into fabric types and terms, AND help you avoid the costly mistakes of choosing fabric unsuitable for your project.



A garment project that fails because it’s made from unsuitable fabric is both heartbreaking and costly. But navigating the selection available in fabric shops and online can feel overwhelming, particularly if you’re new to garment sewing, or have recently returned after some years.

This downloadable resource will teach you:

  • how various woven and knitted fabrics are formed
  • the properties of different fibres
  • the role of blended fabrics
  • how both the fibres and methods of production affect the fabric we buy
  • the 3 main weave patterns
  • the project suitability of the main 17 types of woven fabrics
  • what to consider when shopping for knitted fabrics
  • the project suitability of the main 8 types of knitted fabrics
  • next steps to expanding your fabric knowledge going forwards

You will receive a brilliantly concise 13-page downloadable resource, that you can refer to over and over again.

**If you feel that this resource would be helpful to you but you can’t afford it, please email me and I’ll be happy to send it to you for free.**



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