#98: Zero Waste Patterns Book with Birgitta Helmersson

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#98: Zero Waste Patterns Book with Birgitta Helmersson

Want to hear about an exciting new development in zero waste sewing? ZW designer Birgitta Helmersson has written an incredible new book that presents a fresh approach to making your own clothes with minimal waste. Birgitta is back on the podcast to tell us all about it, plus she shares tips on using second hand linens for ZW garment projects.  

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Image credit: Emli Bendixon

Discover designer Birgitta Helmersson’s clothing and sewing patterns on her website, and over on Instagram @birgittahelmersson.

Listen to Birgitta’s previous appearances on CYT:

Find out more about Birgitta’s ‘Zero Waste Patterns’ book, including links for where to buy it in different parts of the world. 

ZW pattern designer Liz Haywood wrote a fantastic review of Birgitta’s book. Liz’s version of the vintage shirt is incredible!

The Zero Waste Design Collective is an amazing resource to explore what’s happening in the world of ZW more broadly.

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