#91: Self Knowledge for Sewing Success with Kim Witten

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#91: Self Knowledge for Sewing Success with Kim Witten

How much do you really know yourself, and how does self knowledge relate to your enjoyment of sewing? Yep, today we’re tackling some big questions with transformational coach and crafter, Kim Witten. What kind of learner are you? How closely do you follow the ‘rules’? What patterns of behaviour do you display when presented with challenges? We get into all this and learn how we can use self awareness to make positive changes that lead to more sewing satisfaction. We also hear about Kim’s unique and multi-layered pledge for this year’s Me-Made-May challenge, and the many takeaways she acquired from her first challenge. 

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Learn more about @SewOver50’s excellent new endeavour #SewWhatYouNeedJune that comes on the back of a hectic Me-Made-May!

Find more about Kim’s work on her website, plus her excellent blog with a library of fantastic resources

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Listen to Kim’s previous appearance of CYT in Episode #71: Making Personal Manifestos with Kim Witten.

If you need some help prioritising self care, download Kim’s free Self Care Menu Worksheet.

Find the Stash Hub app on their website, on IG @stash_hub, or in your smart phone’s app store. 

Kim’s Me-Made-May article on Medium is a fascinating read, and such an interesting and multi-layered take on the challenge. 

Kim started and progressed on her sewing journey with the help of sewing classes at Ministry of Craft in Manchester, UK.

Find out which of the Four Tendencies you adhere to with Gretchen Rubin’s free quiz

Image source: Gretchen Rubin

If procrastination (including procrasti-learning!) is something you regularly experience, the DUST model can help you understand it and to get yourself unstuck. 

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