#77: Stashes and Spaces with Shams el-Din Rogers

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#77: Stashes and Spaces with Shams el-Din Rogers

One of my very favourite podcast guests is back! Textile activist Shams el-Din Rogers and I have a fun and thought-provoking conversation about fabric stashes, storage and space. As always, Shams brings her insight and wisdom as we explore many of the implications of these topics as they relate to sustainability, and we compare notes as an American and a European. Plus! Shams sets herself a goal…

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Find Shams el-Din Rogers on Instagram @shamseldinrogers.

Listen to her on previous episodes of CYT. Ep.#32: Textile Activism with Shams el–Din Rogers and Ep.#49: Sewing as Art and Political Action with Shams el–Din Rogers.

I also highly recommend checking out Shams’ episode on Stitch Please: the Black Women Stitch podcast, Ep.#123: Don’t Trash it! Sew it!: Sustainable Creativity with Shams el-Din Rogers

Explore ‘Works in Progress Toronto’ via their website and on Instagram @works.in.progress.to.

Instagram based contests that Shams is participating in:

#lastsewiststanding created by @miss.taeschli.

#whole30fabricchallenge created by @pinkmimosabyjacinta.

Textile Museum of Canada is in Toronto and has a truly epic-looking shop!

Shams recently bought some issues of Tauko magazine.

Image source: Tauko Magazine

Check out two blog posts I made including round-ups of free kid’s patterns. There’s My Favourite Free Children’s Sewing Patterns and Fab Free Kids’ Patterns for 6 and Up.

Listen to Ep.#11: Kids Vs. Sewing and Ep.#33: Encouraging Kids to Sew and

I use the the basic version of the Trello app to catalogue and manage my fabric stash and project ideas. 

Shams’ goal is based on the 2-door Pax wardrobes made by Ikea.

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2 comments on “#77: Stashes and Spaces with Shams el-Din Rogers

  1. Lots to think about from this episode, thank you!

    The first time I heard “stash” refer to crafting/making resources was in the 90s, on a big knitting group mail server. It started as a joke on that list about being addicted to yarn shopping/having. Even though I use the term now… yeah, never been that fond of it, mostly because I hate shopping as a leisure activity.

    PS: The entire mailing list of 1,000+ knitters wound up getting a lot of p*rn spam because someone came up with the acronym of Stash Enhancement eXpedition (S…E…X, hope that doesn’t trigger anything!) as slang for going yarn shopping. Sigh.

    1. Zoe says:

      Oh that’s so interesting. I wonder if you have discovered the source of the term ‘stash’ in relation to craft material acquisitions? I’m pretty sure though that any mailing list from the 90s would have encountered a lot of p@rn scam eventually though eh, haha! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Katherine x

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