#74: Recognition and Responsibility with Alexis Bailey 

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#74: Recognition and Responsibility with Alexis Bailey 

My conversation with Alexis Bailey of Fibr & Cloth Studio continues. We chat about the celebration of Black pattern designers during Black History Month. Alexis also shares her approach and commitment to creating zero waste sewing patterns, and her thoughts on the responsibility sewers and designers have towards waste. 

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Alexis Bailey’s slow sewing space is Fibr & Cloth Studio. F&C can also be found on Instagram @fibrandclothstudio and her personal Instagram account is @helloalexisbailey

Explore the hashtag #bhmpatterndesigners to discover Black pattern designers and sewing business owners. 

The hashtag, list and challenge are created and updated by Nateida from Sew Natural Dane and @sewnaturaldane.

Previous-podcast guest Birgitta Helmersson was an early inspiration to Alexis as she set out on her own ZW pattern journey. 

Alexis’ first zero/minimal waste pattern is the Iris blouse and dress pattern:

ZW designer Liz Haywood’s version of the Iris blouse.

Goldfinch Textile Studio produced the zero/minimal waste Jones Trousers pattern

Justice of Thread and Sprout is a fibre artist who makes incredible garments and other items by combining fabric. 

Fibr & Cloth Studio has a Youtube channel!

Louisa Owen Sonstroem is a hand stitching expert. Listen to my conversation with Louisa: Ep.15: Hand Stitching Clothes with Louisa Owen Sonstroem

Sarah Woodyard of Sewn Company offers classes and workshops on hand sewing. 

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