#6: Life, Sewing and Sustainability with Amy Dyce

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#6: Life, Sewing and Sustainability with Amy Dyce

It’s the sixth episode of the Check Your Thread podcast, and the second episode featuring parts of the great conversation I had with Amy Dyce. Last week Amy shared heaps about her small business, Craft & Thrift. In today’s episode, the conversation moves from running a sustainability-minded business, to running a sustainability-minded life! We discuss ways to share eco habits, the realities of eco-guilt and how making sustainable choices can get murky. Amy also talks about the ways she uses sewing to save her money and how thrifting has made sewing viable for her. Amy also explains how sewing and knitting became a gateway for her to become more aware of social injustice and other political issues, and reflects on the importance of acknowledging and checking your own privilege. 

Craft & Thrift Etsy shop HERE

My Lou Box Top made using a kit given to me from Craft & Thrift (kits HERE)

Tomato victory!

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The Sporkful Podcast HERE with many episodes about race (and food) including THIS ONE

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