#57: Can Sewing Save You Money?

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#57: Can Sewing Save You Money?

This is first of a two-part series about sewing and saving and buckle up because it starts with an unapologetically political rant about the current cost of living crisis. I then explore the question, ‘Can sewing save you money?’ looking at mending, garment making, quilt making and making reusable products. I also share a listener question about opportunities to use sewing skills in a voluntary capacity to help those in need. 

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Hear the episode of Fiber Nation called Home Economics Vs Hilter

‘Soaring costs could strip ‘basic dignity’ from millions in UK’, by Patrick Butler is an article which featured in the Guardian 2//9/22

Find Shams el-Din Rogers on Instagram @shamseldinrogers and listen to Shams on Episode 49: Sewing as Art and Political Action with Shams el-Din Rogers

I explored the following topics in an attempt to answer if sewing can save you money:


Making your own clothes

Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes by Dana Thomas 

Quilt making

Making Reusables

This includes:

  • washable sanitary products
  • reusable incontinence pads and pants
  • washable nappies, cleaning cloths
  • kitchen and tableware
  • bowl covers 
  • handkerchiefs

Period Panty Kits from Sew Projects

Listen to Yelena in Episode 25: handmade Period Pants with Yelena Buck

Period Panty Gusset Only kit.

Free cloth menstrual pads patterns by Luna Wolf.


Listen to Noah in Episode 45: The Art of Rescue with Noah Hirsch

You can make washable pads for organisations Days for Girls and The Pachamama Project

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