#55: The Challenges of Zero Waste Design with Birgitta Helmersson

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#55: The Challenges of Zero Waste Design with Birgitta Helmersson

In last week’s episode, we heard about the journey that led designer Birgitta Helmersson to create clothing and sewing patterns that follow zero waste principles. This episode (#55) features the second part of our conversation, and in it we get stuck into Birgitta’s process and the challenges faced when producing ZW designs. Birgitta also talks about her deep love of textiles, the roots of which she traces back to her Swedish, paternal grandmother, and tells us about her inventive and long-term scrap busting solutions. Plus, there are hints into future plans and developments! 

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New sewing hashtag about creating garments for cold weather #thegreatwinterstitchup.  

The Enough is Enough campaign

Discover designer Birgitta Helmersson’s clothing and sewing patterns on her website, and over on Instagram @birgittahelmersson 

The ZW Cropped Shirt pattern. Pictured below:

Image source: Birgitta Helmersson

The ZW Block Pant pattern

The kid’s ZW Gather Dress can be bought on the website.  

Some information on the quilters from Gees Bend, Alabama.

Artists that inspire Birgitta:

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