#54: A Journey to Zero Waste with Birgitta Helmersson

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#54: A Journey to Zero Waste with Birgitta Helmersson

This 54 is the first of two featuring a conversation with Swedish-Australian designer Birgitta Helmersson. Known in the sewing community as a zero waste pattern designer, Birgitta also produces a range of ZW clothing which she sells from her shop/studio in Malmö. Prior to this, Birgitta had a diverse and convoluted career in fashion design, costume, alterations, pattern cutting and garment manufacture, which makes for a fascinating tale that we’ll hear in this episode. We also learn what sparked her interest in ZW design, the route she took to adopting ZW practices in her own business, and why Birgitta transitioned into producing sewing patterns for her designs as well as physical garments. 

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Discover designer Birgitta Helmersson’s clothing and sewing patterns on her website HERE, and over on Instagram @birgittahelmersson 

Listen to Birgitta on the Love Zero Waste podcast

The Zero Waste Fashion Design book by Holly McQuillan and Timo Rissanen via Bookshop.org.

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