#49: Sewing as Art and Political Action with Shams el-Din Rogers 

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#49: Sewing as Art and Political Action with Shams el-Din Rogers 

Textile activist Shams el-Din Rogers is back on Check Your Thread! In this episode, #49, Shams shares more powerful and thought-provoking ideas focusing on sewing as it relates to sustainability, economic self-sufficiency, feminism, gender/relationship dymanics and cultural appropriation. For example, she encourages us to question how and why those of us who have periods have become reliant on disposable menstrual protection, subsequently handing over money to manufacturers every month from our first period through to menopause. She also explores what can happen in relationships when your art/craft resides in the domestic sphere. This episode is not to be missed. 

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Find Shams el-Din Rogers on Instagram @shamseldinrogers.

Shams is pictured below with her husband Michael:

Read about the Days for Girls charity HERE

Another great organisation who you can make and donate reusable sanitary pads to is the Pachamama Project who send them to refugees around the globe HERE

Find a free range of washable sanitary pads patterns by Luna Wolf HERE . Don’t forget to buy them a cup of tea using the donation link if you use this resource. Read my road test of this pattern HERE

Listen to Episode #29: Handmade Period Pants with Yelena Buck HERE. Read my blog post about making washable period pants HERE.  

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