#4: My 5 Favourite Scrap Projects

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#4: My 5 Favourite Scrap Projects

It’s clear that making the most of the fabric we buy is fundamental to keeping our craft as sustainable as possible. In this solo episode I’m making a case for keeping and using your fabric scraps and leftovers from previous sewing projects, and I’m going to run through my 5 favourite uses for scraps and leftovers. 

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The Closet Core Pattern free pouf pattern, found HERE, is an excellent way to use up scraps for making the outside and can be stuffed with scraps that are too tiny to be used for anything else.  

@crystaltips fabulous pieced-together sun hat can be seen HERE 

Reversible Bucket Hat pattern by Oliver + S HERE

Sorrento Bucket Hat pattern by Elbe Textiles HERE

Serpentine Hat pattern by Elbe Textiles HERE

Free Sandcastle Bucket Hat pattern by Waves and Wild HERE

Free Hat pattern by Liz Haywood HERE

Free SoZo Undies pattern by me HERE

Wonder Undies pattern by Waves and Wild HERE

Free Speedy Pants pattern by Waves and Wild HERE (used to make the undies pictured below)

Superhero Boxers pattern by Waves and Wild HERE

Comox Trunks pattern by Thread Theory HERE

Sew Your Own Undies kits by Craft and Thrift HERE 

Harem Pants pattern by Wiksten. Wiksten are currently only taking wholesale orders so do an online search to find a stockist of this pattern close to you. 

Free Bummies pattern by Brindille & Twig HERE

Free Ringer Tee pattern by Brindille & Twig HERE

Misusu Patterns can be found HERE

My scrap-busting jersey tees project HERE

My Scout Tee made from scraps of viscose HERE

The tiered Maxi Dress made from slinky jersey leftovers HERE

Elbe Textiles blog post about Patchwork clothing can be found HERE

My ‘Scraps and small piece busting’ Pinterest board is HERE

Some shorts I made with leftover quilting cotton waistband facings and pocket bags HERE (shown above) 

My Thelma Boilersuit with leftover gingham yoke lining HERE

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2 comments on “#4: My 5 Favourite Scrap Projects

  1. Rachel says:

    I discovered your lovely podcast today and I’ve been binge-listening while trying to get my current project finished (Birgitta Helmersson’s zero-waste gather dress, just in time for Australian spring and summer).

    Nice to hear Liz Haywood getting a mention – her zero-waste blog is a great resource and you might consider interviewing her one day.

    Probably my favourite of your scraps busting suggestions is linings, facings and pocketbags. I do this a lot. I’d also add making bias tape – it’s so useful for all kinds of finishing and trimming, and much prettier and cheaper if you make your own.

    1. zoe says:

      Hi Rachel, thanks so much for your lovely comment! I’m thrilled that you are enjoying the podcast and really appreciate that you took the time to leave a comment to let me know. Yes! I adore Liz Haywood’s work. I absolutely plan to approach her in the hope that she will come on my podcast. I’m considering making a general solo episode about zero waste sewing patterns first as a kind of introduction to the topic.

      Also, thanks heaps for responding to the scrap busting episode. I love your idea for making bias tape. Contrast bias looks so cool inside garments doesn’t it? I’ll keep that in mind to talk about when I do a follow up episode on the topic.

      Thanks again and all the best xxx

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