#38: Pledge and Participants #2 with Amy and Judith

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#38: Pledge and Participants #2 with Amy and Judith

Ep. 38 is the third and final episode in the mini-series all about the Me-Made-May wardrobe challenge. Expanding on last week’s episode about setting your own unique pledge, today we’ll flip it and discuss super-simple, basic pledges that still offer heaps of learning potential. If you’re just not sure what your wardrobe goals are, or you don’t have the headspace for anything complicated right now, this episode provides the solution. We also hear from previous podcast guests, Amy Dyce and Judith Staley, who also chose simple pledges for their challenges. They talk about the wealth of takeaways they accrued from this approach, and give us some thought-provoking insights about applying the lessons learnt.   

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You can still learn A TON about your wardrobe, and make great strides in getting closer to the wardrobe you dream of by setting yourself a very simple, standard pledge. Picking an uncomplicated formula, as long as it is challenging but do-able for you, will still give you a chance to learn and play about throughout the month. 

A great way to start is by finding out exactly what you have. Try to find a chunk of time to get all your handmade items out in one place.

Then cast your mind back a week or so, or pay attention to what you’re wearing for a few days. How many handmade items do you wear on average already? 

Then set your simple pledge by choosing to up the frequency slightly, or by altering how you wear them. 

For example, if you usually wear a handmade item twice a week, pledge to wear a handmade item three or four times a week. Or if you usually wear two handmade items each day, make it three! 

OR keep wearing two handmade items each day, but make sure you wear a different outfit combination each day.

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