#37: Pledge and Participants #1 with Rebecca and Meg

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#37: Pledge and Participants #1 with Rebecca and Meg

This is the second episode in the mini-series all about the Me-Made-May wardrobe challenge. If you’re not sure how to get the most from taking part in MMM, this episode offers a guide to crafting your own, tailor-made pledge. Included are examples of a variety of unique pledges that might click with you, and lead you to heaps of useful lessons and insights about yourself and your wardrobe needs. We also get to hear from two previous podcast guests and repeat MMM participants, Rebecca Evans-Merritt and Meg Grandstaff. Both offer their own fascinating perspectives, experiences and takeaways from their own challenges, and offer advice for new participants. 

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To pick a useful challenge for you, the first step is to get a handle on how your relationship with wardrobe currently stands. 

If you can find the time, get all your self-made items out and have a look at what you’ve got.

Also have a think about how often you tend to wear handmade items already, and which ones see the most action. Think back to what you wore the past week. How many items were made by yourself?

By looking at what you’ve got AND by thinking about what you usually wear already, you’ll get some clues for a suitable pledge. 

Is there a sticking point that you’re already well aware of? For example, you feel happiest in a dress, but rarely wear them. Or you have a whole load of clothes made from vibrant prints, but you’re not sure how to incorporate them into an outfit. 

Remember, the main point of the challenge is to wear your handmade items more and/or in different ways. So with that in mind, hopefully you will start to get some ideas for a pledge that will push yourself slightly out of your comfort zone to allow yourself to learn and grow. 

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