#27: Zoe & Julia go Rag Rugging

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#27: Zoe & Julia go Rag Rugging

This episode follows myself and friend-of-the-podcast Julia Hincks as we attend a workshop and try our hands at rag rugging! We were invited by former guest and rag rugging expert Elspeth Jackson to attend one of her in-person workshops. If you can’t attend one of her workshops yourself, Elspeth’s company Ragged Life sells books and kits, and produces online courses and YouTube videos, so you can learn from her wherever you live. So how hard is rag rugging? What fabrics are suitable to use? And ultimately: is rag rugging a viable option for using up all our scraps, unwanted fabric and old clothes? These are the questions Julia and I set out to answer…

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I spoke to sewing expert, teacher and author Julia Hincks in Episode 9 all about overlockers/sergers and coverstitch machines, listen to that one HERE

Find Julia’s website HERE, and her books HERE.

We attended a workshop taught by rag rugging expert Elspeth Jackson. Elspeth’s company, Ragged Life, can be found HERE

Listen to Episode 18 with Elspeth HERE

Find details of Elspeth’s books HERE, kits HERE, workshops HERE and YouTube channel HERE

The tools Elspeth taught us to use:

My sample of the three main techniques:

Julia working on her sample:

Julia’s rag rugged bouquet in progress:

Me prepping some fabric strips:

Working on my mat:

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