#24: Conscious Making in Real Life with Rebecca Evans-Merritt

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#24: Conscious Making in Real Life with Rebecca Evans-Merritt

Welcome to Episode 24 with the wonderful Rebecca Evans-Merritt, a maker that I’ve long admired for both her gorgeous makes, AND her intelligent, thoughtful approach to making. Last year she created a talk for the Fold Line sewing weekender event entitled Slow and Conscious Making that included suggestions on how we can improve the sustainability of our sewing. Finally! I thought, a reason to get in touch with Rebecca and get her to talk to me! In this conversation we discuss those definitions and get into the realities of slow and conscious making: what it looks like in real life and how it can get tricky. We talk about both our methods for planning our makes, and how being ‘particular’ about what she wears helps keep Rebecca on track with living out her values. You’d think that given the subject matter, this would be quite a serious conversation but it was actually so much fun to have. It’s probably the episode in which I laughed the most whilst recording. Enjoy!

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The blog post where I review the free School Cool dress pattern for dolls that I mentioned in the intro is HERE

Find Rebecca Evans-Merritt’s Instagram HERE where she shares her beautiful, wearable makes and styling tips. 

Watch Rebecca’s Slow and Conscious Making talk HERE

A screenshot from her talk is below:

Rebecca mentioned:

  • Give your best charity HERE
  • Sunny Jar Eo Hub social enterprise HERE
  • Monica @slowrituals.studio HERE
  • Alexis @fibrandclothstudio HERE
  • New Craft House HERE #sewyourselfsustainable

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2 comments on “#24: Conscious Making in Real Life with Rebecca Evans-Merritt

  1. Pamela says:

    I love every episode of your podcast so far, but this one was especially fun and inspiring. Too many great ideas to list here, but I have a lot to check into! Thank you so much for describing the way you use Trello. I have my fabrics and patterns cataloged in the app and have played around with ways of grouping things, but your descriptions of moving your projects along through the various stages was really helpful and gave me lots of ideas and inspiration!
    Thank you again and keep up the good work!

    1. zoe says:

      Hi Pamela,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I’m so so happy to hear that you’ve been finding enjoyment and inspiration in the episodes. That’s great that you picked up some ideas on how to make Trello work better for your project organisation!

      Thanks again and all the best

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